Our Machines are powered by your needs

Our Machines are powered by your needs

About Huxter

Huxter is a local start up that was founded when we noticed a trend among the vending machines in Singapore. They were all outdated, poorly maintained, and not that user centric. With the cost of living and rental both increasing in Singapore, coinciding with the rapid growth in technology, Huxter aims to bring Japan's vending culture to Singapore to make it more convenient for both vendors and customers.

What We Do

Full Vending Services

Contact us today for a customized recommendation based on your needs and wants. You provide the location, we’ll provide the Management and consultation for your day to day operation.

Machine Rental & Sales

For brands that want to do market testing or promotions without the need to hire promoters. No cash upfront for the purchase of machines, no need to worry about maintenance and no hassle with stocking, RENT IT! If you like our machines and platform after using it, BUY IT!

Interactive Marketing Platform

Have a new brand or product that needs market testing or more publicity? Do it here Huxter can give you the data analytics for targeted and effective marketing.

Data Analytics

Gone are the stone age machines. Huxter welcomes the modern era with our platform that will allow you to use data to bring your products closer to the customers.

Our Values


Embracing the latest technology to continually improve user experience.


Customers, Partners, and Businesses. We aim to work hand in hand with all of you on this journey.


Hospitable and approachable. This is how we want to be perceived and will achieve this through our customer support system.


To persevere on what we believe to improve our business and relationships with our customers.


To make our company's business structure both cost effective and greener for the future.


Answerable to our customers, communities and shareholders.

Reach Out To Us

Chat with Huxter today about your business needs, quotation and brainstorm with our sales team and /or consultants to help better understand the possibilities.

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+65 6256 9583 +65 6256 9583

Email Address:
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Our Partners

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