Our Machines

In the past, vending machine customer engagement has been based on a need and impulse decision to buy a product and user’s need. The vending machine is changing and we at Huxter believe interactivity and integration between APP and hardware and digital signage will be the utopia to all vending providers. Hence, we have provided the one needed platform to truly engage with our customers.

Interactive 50” Touch Screen

Every machine has a full HD screen that not only shows customers our latest promotions but will also allow users to participate in certain events in the near future.

Integrated Apps

We make use of modern technology to streamline user experience and make every transaction more secure.

Cloud Management System

Every machine is monitored remotely with our cloud management system.

Our Technical Specifications

Main Features

  1. 50" inch interaction touchscreen – Customers able to view products details and gain confidence in the product before purchase.
  2. Internet Connectivity – To connect to Huxter's Cloud for remote management and telemetry.
  3. Compatible with images and video.
  4. Cloud Management System.
  5. Cash & Cashless Payment – Accepting cash and Huxter APP payment to provide more options and convenience to the customers hence, generating higher sales.

Machine Parameters

Model : Hux-50D
Dimension : 1m (W) x 0.9m (D) x 1.9m (H)
Types : Up to 40 Products Display
Capacity : Approx 250 items
Temperature : 4°C - 25°C

Our Additional Features

Software - Versatile, reliable and scalable platform with cloud remote manageability that allows continuous business growth.

Touch Display - Improved user experience and engagement.

Ergonomic & Aesthetic - User friendly, blends well in estate surrounding and event halls.

Camera - For security, customer engagement, video analytics of gender & age group for targeting marketing campaign, etc (*Optional).

Sensors - Integrate sensors for machine door for machine door, temperature reading and others for security, remote monitoring and diagnostics.

QR Code scanner (*Works with Huxter APP) - Enables customer engagement and innovative marketing campaign via loyalty programmes.

Our Cloud Management System

We make sure our vending machines never run low on stock. Using remote data technology, we are able to monitor product levels at a glance, in real-time. This kind of information takes the guess work out of replenishment, and is particularly important for maintaining high traffic sites.

Our commitment to using the latest technology puts us well ahead of our competitors, and is just another way provide you with complete vending solutions.”

Main Features

  1. Data Analysis – Based on machines, products, payment modes etc.
  2. Remote Configurations – Settings control from office.
  3. Remote Monitoring – LIVE Machine status, alarms, sales data, troubleshoot etc.
  4. Cloud Storage
  5. Cloud platform access level based on contract agreement*

Our Services

At Huxter, we can customise the range of products in vending machines to suit your needs. You simply select the products from our ever updated product list or suggest to us what you would like and we will source and stock those items. Of course, we can advise you our best sellers as per your locations. Feel confident knowing that you are providing customers with the product they want and need, all in the comfort and convenience.

Huxter can even source more niche product items to meet your customers’ specific needs, just ask us. We are a vending machine company committed to providing complete vending solutions.


Are the old machines causing you headaches or perhaps you are simply looking to add a new machine into your estate ? We are proud of our extensive snack product range. And we take the time to work with you to customise the right product mix for your estate, ensuring residents have access to the items they want and expect.


Need a way to modernize your pantry and keep stocks at the same time ? We regularly refill the machines as required, always making sure that it is properly stocked so that all options are available to those who access the machine. Regular refilling means no cranky workers!


Not enough stalls ? Need a way to ensure that your students can stay hydrated and fed after CCA ? It is also possible to fill your vending machine up with healthy snacks. This is valuable in conjunction with a health campaign in the schools, and can lead to healthier habits from staffs and students overall.

Depending on its usage and your preferences, we can maintain and restock the vending machines, as well as provide training and the means to you and your staff in dealing with any future matters.

Our Satisfied Customers

We take the time to work with you by customising the right product mix for your estate, office, business and ensuring customers have access to the quality products they want and expect.

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